Total: ~26 min

Modbus is a communications protocol that has become the de-facto standard for quick, no-frills connectivity to sensors and equipment. It is used in a broad collection of industries, and is quick to configure and start using.

Understanding Modbus

An introduction to Modbus, including the common applications that will make use of the technology, and the specific ways in which those capabilities are leveraged in ICONICS software.

Configuring Devices and Channels

How to quickly and easily get connected to Modbus data in ICONICS, starting with configuration of devices, channels, and data items.

Connecting to Modbus Data

Once devices and channels have been configured, you are ready to start accessing real-time data via your Modbus connection. This video covers how to browse to and use this data in displays and data explorers.

Tuning and Optimizing Connectivity

Tips and tricks that can be used to tune and optimize the configuration of a Modbus connection. The Modbus protocol includes several settings that can be used to improve throughput and efficiency of data reads and writes.