Mobile Deployment

Total: ~13 min

The dedicated MobileHMI App can be used to host displays which you can publish directly from the GraphWorX environment, and allows for a customized App experience for smart phones and tablets.

Using the MobileHMI App

MobileHMI addresses the growing need for connectivity away from operator stations which allows personnel to access dashboards from anywhere reducing the time it takes for issues to be recognized and fixed. This video introduces how to install and set up MobileHMI app on the client device.

Navigation and Browsing in MobileHMI

The AssetWorX Navigator is a navigational tool present in the MobileHMI app. It provides the user the ability to quickly navigate through the full asset hierarchy and interact with internal assets through commands. In MobileHMI, you can navigate multiple displays through the commands, switch to KPIWorX mode, log in as different users, etc.

Configuring the AppHub

This video discusses how to create and configure the Application Hub(AppHub) for your MobileHMI display. The AppHub is the MobileHMI client application that uses Smart Tiles to provide live data right in the hub for a quick overview of the top KPIs.

Filtering Displays According to Device Types

The MobileHMI provider in Workbench allows users to create and utilize a list of devices by Manufacturer, Name, Screen Width and Screen Height. This listing of devices makes it easy to create or edit a mobile Layout, by allowing users to filter by device in order to tailor a layout to specific devices' screen sizes/formats.

Incorporating Location Awareness to MobileHMI

The Augmented Reality feature is intended to provide the user with configurable types of Location Services as well as a configurable Actions dialog. Location Services are a group of MobileHMI features that allow displays to automatically load and display data based on the user's location and proximity to the devices.