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Cloning is a powerful tool in graphical development. It facilitates rapid development as well as adaptive and future-proof designs. Cloning frequently leverages other powerful ICONICS features such as asset-based design and business intelligence data organization.

Understanding Clone Dynamic

The Clone Dynamic is a convenient method to automatically generate identical visible objects during runtime. Objects are then populated in lists or stack panels to create an efficient automatically scalable solution.

Using Cloning with Datasets

If datasources, such as web services or databases provide datasets, the Clone Dynamic may address individual record elements and use these to automatically create the visual appearance.for the collection of elements. 

Using Cloning with Arrays

Data sources may expose tags of the Array data type. The tag holds a collection of values which can be utilized by the Clone Dynamic.

Using Cloned Objects for Creating Lists

Cloned objects can be listed and allow the user to interact with the listed items through commanding actions.

Using Cloned Objects for Positioning Objects on Maps

Geographic information about objects can be used to automatically position cloned objects on the map, respecting its longitude and latitude coordinates.

Using Cloned Objects in Menus and State Fields

Listed menu items and State Field items can automatically adopt to available items in a dataset when using the clone dynamic within the menu or state field action.