Helper Controls

Total: ~17 min

There are a collection of tools and controls available within the GraphWorX design environment, each with specialized features for their respective application. These are collectively referred to here as "helper controls".

Improving Gauge Design with the Scale Control

Scale controls are a quick way of creating horizontal, vertical, or radial graduated markings such as you might use for a gauge. They are especially useful as a standardized way to build gauges and symbols that can be readily changed as applicable to the underlying data represented.

Layout Piping and Wiring with the Pipe Control

The pipe control is used for quick configuration of piping and wiring in a display, and includes ease of use features to automatically provide curved corners and connectors.

Simple KPI Controls with the Smart Tile

A smart tile is a dynamic element which can be incorporated into a display. It is ideal for creating uniform KPI icons, or organizing data about equipment in a consistent format.

Layout Options with the Pivot Control

The Pivot Control may be used to achieve a navigation similar to those used on many tablets and smart phones, and may be well suited to mobile applications configuration.

Direct Data Access with the Data Explorer

The Data Explorer can be run independently or embedded within a viewer. It provides a real-time data browser and grid to monitor and write to real-time points in a convenient fashion.