Recipe Management

Total: ~16 min

Recipes are comprised of collections of data points and the recipes which may be applied to them. They are useful for setting entire batches of properties all with a single click, as well as maintaining multiple possible configurations for those points in a user-accessible format.

Creating and Managing Recipes

Recipes are comprised of a collection of data points as well as groups of potential values to be applied. ICONICS software includes a standardized module that allows real-time use, creation, and management of these recipes.

Adding a New Recipe

Adding a new recipe involves defining the attributes and datapoints that make up a given recipe state. These attributes can typically be written directly into a PLC or asset property.

Adding a New Recipe Item

Individual recipe items take the base attributes of a recipe and define specific values to be used when that recipe item is applied. They can be defined from the Workbench or GraphWorX in runtime.

Adding Recipe Navigators and Recipe Grids to a Display

Use of and manipulation of recipes is made easy through the use of the Recipe Navigator and Recipe Grid, two pre-built controls available in GraphWorX64.

Uploading and Downloading Recipes

Learn how to directly upload and download recipes to and from your PLC. These operations are available from runtime for users to perform directly.

Creating, Updating, and Deleting Recipes

The recipe module allows for a directory of recipes which can be created, updated, and deleted as appropriate by a user from the runtime environment.