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Energy Analysis

Monitor, visualize, log, and reduce your energy usage with Energy AnalytiX.


Total: ~10 min

In this introduction we discuss concepts such as energy star reporting, degree days and energy calculations to get a good understanding of the provided functionalities. We will also demonstrate how to quickly setup the energy metering of the digital twin of the asset. It is important to improve insight and awareness about the use of energy to drive initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, costs and to improve the lifespan of the assets.

Total: ~11 min

The energy meter is responsible for accumulating a metered value. Energy variables can be defined to use in custom calculation expressions. This is helpful to for instance normalize energy and water consumption values and to provide a KPI to reflect an average consumption per person in the facility or per product produced in the production factory.


Total: ~4 min

Visualizing the metrics improves insight and allows users to further analyze the information. Users should then take the steps necessary to improve the process. Information can be presented in self-service dashboards or created ahead of time and made available to the audience. The metrics could also be analyzed by the alarm management solution to generate alarm conditions and to automatically notify users.