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The primary topics needed in order to create a new report template and set up automated execution. This includes all data connectivity and formatting within the template, as well as Workbench configurations.

Introduction to Reports

The ICONICS suite offers a reporting solution where the user can design report templates using an Excel plug-in. The user can download the reports directly from their ICONICS project or schedule reports for automatic execution. Reports support .xlsx, .pdf, .html, .csv file formats.

Create a Configuration

The user creates a report configuration in ICONICS Workbench application. The user can store multiple report templates in the configuration. The ICONICS software supports multiple report configurations that the user can activate/deactivate depending on the needs of the end user.

Create a Report

The ICONICS user creates the report using an Excel plug-in. The user attaches the Excel sheet as the report template in the Workbench. The ICONICS software can store multiple revisions of the report templates.

Parameterized Execution of Reports

The ICONICS user can use parameters to limit the report dataset. Example parameters are a start and end time that define the time range of the report.

Execute and View Reports Using a Browser

The GENESIS64 user can execute and view reports directly from their web browser. ICONICS installs a default display for report execution. Reporting controls and commands also exist in GraphWorX64 so the user can customize their report interface.

Automated Scheduling and Execution

The user can manually fire a report by writing to the reports execution point or subscribing the report to a trigger, schedule, or workflow.

Manage Report Configurations and Templates

The user can use several methods to export report configurations and templates. The user can include configurations and templates when they pack a whole project or export the individual configurations into a text file. The user can import the text file configuration files to the existing project or a new project.

Create Charts in Report

Native Excel charting capabilities are compatible with ICONICS reports, and may be directly configured within the ReportWorX UI to integrate with dynamically populated data.