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Design and deploy for different types of clients and technologies.


Total: ~7 min

The foundational basics on what sorts of client connectivity options are available in the ICONICS platform. Learn how they are best applied to any given project, and the pros and cons of each to inform you of the right technologies for your application.

Total: ~3 min

Desktop deployments refer to directly installing the application to a computer, such that a user may launch the application and have it hosted on the computer, while still connected to a centralized server for data access.

Total: ~9 min

Web browser deployment, or WebHMI, relies upon the graphics of a dashboard being loaded directly into your web browser of choice. This offers a thin-client approach which is secure yet easy to deploy and update.

Total: ~13 min

The dedicated MobileHMI App can be used to host displays which you can publish directly from the GraphWorX environment, and allows for a customized App experience for smart phones and tablets.