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The Bulk Asset Configurator (BAC) is vital to scaling out the deployment of assets for large enterprise applications. It leverages an Excel file mapped to your asset templates to allow for rapid configuration of thousands of assets. The BAC is also well suited to long-term project management, as it allows for simple redeployments and configuration updates.

Bulk Asset Configurator (BAC)

The Bulk Asset Configurator (BAC) is a rapid deployment tool that allows you to generate 100's of digital twins of equipment utilizing equipment classes. It relies upon an Excel spreadsheet to dictate the generation of assets, logged data points, and alarms.

Defining Assets in the BAC

Details on configuration of the spreadsheet for the Bulk Asset Configurator. How to add new entries that will map back to equipment classes configured in the Workbench.

Executing the BAC to Deploy Projects

Executing the Bulk Asset Configurator to rapidly deploy projects. An explanation of the options provided to you in the UI, and how to safely deploy updates to existing projects.

Optimizing BAC Configuration

A collection of tips and tricks that you can use to expedite the configuration in the Bulk Asset Configurator. Includes examples of how it is regularly configured on real projects.